Spinosa Group: our history

a. Our story begins in 1978, at the behest of the engineer Giovanni Spinosa, who lays the foundations of the company in Molise, Italy. Since 2016, the Company has been led by Arch. Cosmo Galasso, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. For over forty years we have been operating in the field of general constructions, dealing with the design and construction of public and private projects as well as mobility infrastructures, restoration, maintenance and renovation works.

Over the years we completed every single project seeking excellence and committing ourselves to the construction of the know-how that today, allows us to complete our works ensuring high quality levels. Strengthened by our experience, we have expanded our business to the entire national territory, increasing the employees’ number but maintaining our flexible organizational model that allows us to effectively intercept emerging needs, unexplored market segments and future construction trends.


Spinosa means Quality

At each level of our supply chain, we research quality. We put all our efforts to improve and progressively raise our quality standards in compliance with the legislative evolution, and following our natural tendency towards innovation.


Consolidate the past, looking at the future

Among our long-term goals, the vertical diversification of our supply system plays a central role, which will allow us to increase the range and quality of our services, contributing to the evolution of the construction sector. In order to diversify our business horizontally, we have chosen the alternative and renewable energies believing that operational efficiency should not be achieved without respecting the environment. In this perspective, we have been fostering the company’s processes computerization as a means to support the company organization and transform the information exchange making it more efficient both internally and externally.

Our Values


We believe is absolutely fundamental the involvement of all our stakeholders, which is why we operate in a transparent way, communicating actions, initiatives and results internally and externally.


We strive to give all our employees access to periodic and adequately updated training courses according to the highest regulatory standards.


In the wake of tradition, we carry on our idea of the future by promoting innovation but maintaining the foundations of our past.