Since 1978 a history built with passion

We have been operating in the general construction sector for over 40 years, putting our transversal set of skills at our customers’ service, thus ensuring: operational efficiency, technological innovation and an ethical business dimension.

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Thanks to our consolidated expertise we manage the entire construction cycle of mobility and transport infrastructures, from the design phase to the construction phase. Our transversal skills allow us to manage both the mobility networks construction (roads, highways, etc.) and the construction of special mobility systems, such as: roads, bridges, viaducts, cycle paths.

Our very specific skills, high professionalism and the availability of the most innovative equipment are the key factors that allow us to carry out restoration interventions of prestigious public and private buildings in different areas:

  • conservative restoration of public and private buildings under protection
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on historic and religious buildings;
  • architectural recovery of degraded buildings
  • restoration and renovation of castles, historic villas and rural buildings
  • e. restoration of monuments and historical facades with quality materials such as: marble, travertine, bricks, putty and metals;
  • restoration of wooden frames and artifacts;
  • structural consolidation and restructuring;

Thanks to our vertical expertise in the healthcare construction, we are able to ensure and comply with regulatory constraints and highly specific sector’s standards. We carry out both the construction of new sanitary buildings or the modernization of existing buildings, characterized by an intensive use of cutting-edge technologies, to realize modern and safe health facilities, such as:

  • public hospitals;
  • private clinics;
  • RSA
  • nursing homes;
  • compatti di degenza;
  • complex operating units: O.R., I.C.U., etc.

We have a consolidated experience in the public construction sector, achieved by managing complex public contracts that allowed us to structure our business organization, improve our management methods and to increase the professionalism and skills of our resources.

We are highly specialized in the construction and maintenance of hydraulic works, and we bring solutions on how to treat, collect and distribute drinking water, rainwater and wastewater, using the latest generation materials and techniques. We have a consolidated experience both in the construction of aqueducts and in the infrastructural and plant engineering management of hydraulic works.

The hydraulic infrastructure includes:

  • aqueducts pipes in polyethylene, cast iron and steel;
  • sewers, collectors, wastewater treatment plants;
  • drinking water treatment plants and drinking water storage tanks (hanging and underground);
  • irrigation and evacuation works;
  • gripping works and pumping stations.

The skills and certifications acquired by the group allow us to operate with high quality and reliability standards in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of public buildings and different types of systems:

  • electrical system;
  • water-sanitary works;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • air conditioning and heating systems;
  • fire extinguishing systems.

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