The company protects from discrimination all its stakeholders (employees, collaborators, suppliers) who submit a detailed report of an illegal conduct, with reference to the crimes provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001, and based on precise and concordant factual elements, or violations of the organization and management model. Similarly, top management and subordinate subjects may submit, to protect the integrity of the organization, detailed reports of illegal conduct or violations of the Organizational Model. 231/01.

With the same procedure can be reported acts of corruption committed, attempted or alleged violations, as well as deficiencies of the management system for the prevention of corruption ISO 37001.

The company has set up two channels to allow the whistle-blower to report eventual crimes, keeping his personal information confidential:

  • conventional channel, through the establishment of a physical mailbox in the name of the Supervisory Body at the address of the company’s registered office. All correspondence prevented to this mailbox will not be registered, but will be delivered to the President of the SB, who will provide for its opening and the subsequent processing of the reporting; Mail to the following address: Chairman of the Supervisory Board c/o Spinosa Costruzioni Generali SpA – Contrada San Vito, 52 – 86170 Isernia;
  • IT channel: consisting of an email address in the name of the SB with access reserved to the Chairman of the Supervisory Body. E-mail to the following address: segnalazioni_illeciti@spinosacostruzioni.it