Architectural restoration and consolidation

Specific skills, high professionalism, the availability of the most innovative equipment are among the factors that have contributed to the successful completion of several restoration of significative public and private works in the following areas:
Restoration of public and private buildings subject to historical heritage preservation
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of historic and religious buildings.
renovation of crumbling and obsolete buildings .
Restoration and renovation of castles, ancient villas, farm buildings .
Restoration of monuments.
Restoration of historic facades with fine workmanship , marble, travertine , brick , plaster , metal .
Restoration of frames and wooden items .
Consolidations and structural renovations .

Infrastructural works

Network interventions and special systems for road mobility: construction of roads, bridges, viaducts, cycle lanes.


Construction of public hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, as well as upgrading and modernization of existing buildings with state-of-the-art construction technology and systems. Realization of surgery rooms and hospitality rooms. Technological systems.

Public buildings

In the public sector, the creation of ever more challenging projects was made possible thanks to the qualitative growth of the company structure, the constant improvement of the company organizations and professional growth of human resources; the developed skills and the acquired certifications, allow a wide offering of high quality and on time services.

Residential buildings

Construction of residential complexes, designed with particular care to the environment, the energy saving and respect for urban spaces and surrounding landscape. Turn key Private residential building with performance guarantee.

Industrial buildings

Spinosa has gained solid experience in industrial and commercial buildings sectors, with the construction of office buildings, warehouses, industrial and handicraft sheds; thus, it succeeded in transferring the experiences acquired in different sectors also to obtain buildings with advanced technology and the most innovative techniques, tailored to the needs of all end users, from the small craftsman to the big industry.

Management and maintenance of buildings and systems

Recovery and enhancement, maintenance and management of buildings and technological systems, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of public buildings and conservative restoration works; ordinary maintenance of hospital buildings.

Hydraulic works

We are specialized in realization of drains, sewage treatment plants, manifolds, water treatment plants, drinking water storage tanks both wall units and underground, irrigation and evacuation systems.  We also are specialized in intake works, pumping stations, Polyethylene pipes, cast iron and steel, for water mains.